What is Homeopathy


Dr. Samuel Hanneman discovered in Homeopathy a safe method of healing without toxic side effects. 250 years later, the validity of Hanneman’s research and practice (The Organon of the The Medical Art) continue to be demonstrated by homeopaths throughout the world.


Homeopathy stimulates an individual’s innate healing capacity so that all systems function well. After a comprehensive consultation, a carefully chosen homeopathic remedy activates an individual’s strength and vitality. As health is restored and maintained, the body and mind regain their natural balance. Homeopathic remedies are made from simple substances found in nature, and formulated at special FDA regulated pharmacies. After a remedy is given, an individual’s response is closely monitored by the homeopath, and adjusted as needed.


Everyone who desires to maintain, build, or recapture health can benefit from homeopathic care. Effective in the treatment of physical, mental, emotional, or behavioral health, homeopathy is supportive alongside other healing modalities including psychotherapy and medicine. People of all ages find safe and reliable healing in the science and art of homeopathy.


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